Marcus is not your everyday live musician, he is an incredibly talented artist who doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for what he does. Not only can Marcus put most other live musicians to shame by playing your favorite cover songs in a way you’ve never heard them before, but he could go on for hours and hours playing completely original music that is so impressive that anyone in earshot can’t help but find themselves asking “who is this guy?” That’s Marcus. With a deep, powerful voice overflowing with warmth giving way to beautiful falsetto notes and a bluesy soul sound that sends chills down your spine, listening to Marcus is like drinking whiskey on the rocks... warm and cold in all the right ways.

Marcus is a rare musician with a rare sound who plays with an accuracy and consistency that is rarely displayed in a local musicians. You won’t regret the time you spend listening to him. Take a look at his upcoming events and find the time to go see him. It’s worth it.

~Marvin Brand


"I've seen Marcus open for Dave Mason: perform on my show 3-4 times: and touch
the soul of audiences in every variety of venue... you better hurry while you
can, and see him up close before you end up paying a scalper for nosebleed seats
in the Pepsi Arena. Don't say I didn't warn you."
Arthur Gonick
WSPN-FM Saratoga Springs NY

"Marcus writes songs that you know come from the heart, and make you want to
know more about the circumstances behind the song. He's the next Bruce
Springsteen, but without the fame or money (yet)!"
Alan Green,
Senior Marketing Consultant,
Clear Channel Albany

"His rich baritone vocals paint vignettes that dig deep into despair"
Don Wilcock
The Troy Record

"Ruggiero rock's, a rich voiced sharp writing troubadour"
Mike Lisi, The Daily Gazette